Getting There

So I am finally getting around to my blog. I’m very far behind with it as I have spent the last few weeks sourcing bibliographic references and locations of interest for my MA dissertation. And so far so good! I have hopefully (I am still too excited to admit to a definitive just yet…eggs hatched and all that) sourced a wonderful collection to assess for my thesis so I can finally get the ball rolling on this ‘field diary’ as it were. I am (as some of you probably already know) hoping to look at the use on non-invasive recording methods for commemorative stone monuments, and how these methods can be used for the benefit of the heritage sector and the wider public.

The catalogue I will be producing to accompany my dissertation will detail a small number of monuments that I will record using a number of modern methods. In order to create this, I will make use of open source software packages, cameras and where possible more dedicated technological innovations. More importantly, I will be assessing the various methods of disseminating this work.

As time goes on I will provide more and more detail about the project and how it came about, the processes I had to go through and all the experimental work I engaged in. This blog, while supplementing some of my research, will in fact also be a repository for all the grave art and traditions I happen to find intriguing. Equally if you find anything about stone sculpture interesting or you know of any examples of gravestones that you think I might like to visit and record, let me know about them.


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