.avi File Extension in ArcGIS

I have been wondering for a long time how to create rotating Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and finally we covered it in class today. The process is achieved by taking a set of snapshots along a DEM or Terrain Model and playing them back over a set time. I couldn’t believe how simplistic the process was.

The flow of the rotationĀ can be controlled by taking a close stream of snapshots along a chosen path you wish to emphasize. The more randomized the snapshot the more the map will veer sharply from one point to the next. The speed can then be adjusted by setting the time interval for the whole rotation. The below YouTube link shows an example of a rotating terrain model with topographic overlay for 6 second clip.

I may be nerding out over this process as I intend to use a similar rotating .avi file format on the floor plan I recently surveyed. Firstly I will be assessing its viability when using photogrammetric processes and (hopefully) laser scanning techniques. Similarly I hope to apply the same methods to any commemorative stone monuments that take my fancy.


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