DH6004 Presentation: The Modest Man Research Project

As part of the DH6004 module, I had to present on a topic relating to my area of interest. I chose to discuss my hopes for the coming year as an MADAH student at University College Cork and to give a bit of background to the commemorative stones I will be focussing on.

Over the last month I have been putting together a number of research applications to assess sites of cultural significance in the Cork City area, and funding applications to help with necessary software and data capture tools. In the meantime I am making as much use out of the 30 Day Agisoft Photoscan Professional Edition trial that I got as part of the Foras Feasa Institutes Workshop on ‘Remaking the Physical. Computational Imaging: Field and Lab Recording’ conducted by Dr. Konstantinos Papadopoulos (costaspapadopoulos.com). The workshop was a great introduction to non-invasive 3D imaging techniques and their use in the archaeological and the heritage sector. I am now frantically running about the place trying to look at additional sites that could be used to help me hone my skills so all recommendations are welcome.

Please find attached a copy of my written presentation and accompanying PowerPoint presentation.  There are additional footnotes and bibliographic details included tht were not mentioned in the talk. These were included in my original draft for the purpose of this blog in case anybody had any questions about certain aspects. I also have a Pinterest account (http://www.pinterest.com/o4328/transi-images/) where I will be uploading examples of commemorative stone monuments for those of you interested.

Big congratulations to everyone who presented as part of the DH6004 MADAH class as well. The ones I saw were brilliantly diverse and I can’t wait to see how you all get on over the coming years.

Now onto the portfolio @_@

The Modest Man Research Project


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