Kilkenny Cadaver Stones

According to Roe’s (1969) catalogue there are two examples of the cadaver tradition in Co. Kilkenny. The first is located at the site of Threecastles Church and old graveyard, in the civil parish of Odagh. The second cadaver stone is at St. Mary’s Church, Gowran.

Threecastles Co. Kilkenny

A preliminary site visit was undertaken at Threecastles on 23/06/16 however the location of the stone could not be established. It was last recorded ten years ago by Ken Murtagh (Cóilín O’Drisceoil pers comm. 24/06/16) and a call has been put out to establish more details regarding its location and condition. It is likely that the stone is still located within the old graveyard of the site and has either become hidden in the surrounding shrubbery, or overgrown grass or has been turned over to protect its worked surface. A more up-to-date image is not available.


Gowran, Co. Kilkenny

A preliminary site visit was undertaken on 24/06/16 to establish the current location of the Kealy cadaver tomb. This tomb chest was fully accessible and in relatively good condition. Photographs were taken to produce a 3D model and a number of additional references to records of the tomb from local historians/archaeologists were provided by Gerry O’Keefe.


An additional site visit will be undertaken at a later date to undertake a more complete survey of the tomb and details of both models will be included in The Modest Man Research Project section.


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