Ecclesiology3D Project

The aim of this project is to digitize a number of artefacts form the The National Science Museum located in St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth. This museum contains over two centuries of artefacts of ecclesiastical and scientific interest. This will be a collaborative project between 6 students which will focus on recording a number of artefacts from the ecclesiology collection.


St. Patrick’s college campus Maynooth

The review of the collection began with a brief introduction to the history of the collections from the current curator Dr. Niall McKeith , a former lecturer of science at National University of Ireland Maynooth. His talk provided insights into the marriage of science and religion within the space and shared with us some interesting anectdoces about Reverand Callan. Most notable among these was the story of how he would electrocute his students in the name of science.

Following on from his discussion both groups set about reviewing the collection for artefacts of different material composites, different degrees of difficult and those with potentially historical annotations. Of particular interest to me was the collection of Penal Crosses that not only show Christ on the corss in an imaciated and anguished form, but also are surrounded by symbols of the passion and inscribed dates.


Artefacts selected for data capture

Our group will assess the objects in their historical context and will combine traditional heritage assessments and research with up-to-date visualisation techniques. A traditional report will be submitted on the processes utilised in the data capture and post-processing phases. This will be a collaborative effort written by each member of the group and collated and edited by Orla-Peach Power. This report will be compiled using archaeological and digital heritage reporting standards


Methods of online dissemination will be employed in the project and will involve use of Sketchfab, individual blog and website contributions and social media use (Twitter and Instagram). 3D models will be created and uploaded to Sketchfab and will be annotated with relevant historical information. The use of these platforms will allow for greater impact across wider audience and hopefully will be retained in perpetuity.


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