Cadaver Stone Database

A database model was constructed using excel to record technical details for each stone recorded as part of The Modest Man Research Project. The database contains results from field assessment and is intended to identify general location information, and to summarise the general conditions of the monument being recorded. This database will also contain any additional comments or information about associated monuments.

Additional models that appear on the author’s online accounts are not included in this database as they were either presented to the Roscommon Cross Slab Project webpage (Roscommon3d) or were simply used as preliminary test subjects to become familiar with the software and tools being utilised.

A standardised cataloguing system was created to allow for later additions to the database. It follows a basic hierarchical format and is presented as follows:

The first letter defines the province.

  • L=Leinster
  • C=Connacht
  • M=Munster

The subsequent letters define the county of origin. These are organised in the same fashion as standard car county index codes. This was to avoid confusion where counties with the same first letter were concerned.

  • C=Cork
  • LH=Louth
  • RN=Roscommon

The first number in the sequence relates to a single site and is assigned in no significant order but merely by order of assessment. It was decided not to have the codes placed in alphabetical order (based on site location name) as the  sequence would require constant adjustments once additional sites were added. The final letter in the sequence is assigned to the stone specific to the individual site being assessed. If the stones on a given site rise above 26, an additional letter can be added (i.e. AA/Aa).



LLH2-A = Leinster + Louth + Site2 – Stone A